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"You deserve the best, and When you are comfortable on your path, it doesn’t matter where it leads."

As a musician, composer, singer, speaker, poetry reader, all needs to be preserved and shared to the world. I offer a studio with a little different twist. I love to work with you to get the best out of what you do. Love to work with those working on getting a foot hold in the music business. But, also work with seasoned musicians. Do my best to get those starting out with their first album cut.

Contact Ahwatukee Productions-Music4Winds by TerryLee@TerryLeeWHETSTONe.com and we will get you scheduled into the studio. 

Or you can call....

816-629-4477 and leave a message of when you would like to come to the studio, or leave your question. Then I will check my schedule and get back to you as soon as I can. What you do is very important for the world. So we can get it done!

PRICING CHART (Not in concrete - Here to HELP You reach Your Dreams!)

Pricing list for full production of your CD/Album

50% pre-production down payment - non refundable

$60 per hour per person/band

This includes 2 masters for you and 1 we keep on file

We can also offer complete production of the project,

including album cover artwork

Some pricing may be based on the project

If you have a developed plan and just want to record

the $60 per hour fee apply

If you don't have a plan we offer one free hour of consultation

to help you get your plan together


* We have backing tracks available if you need them